Business Mentoring Programme

This programme is designed for SME owner/directors to help them to become more effective in their roles and to achieve greater performance from their businesses. It is a low cost solution compared to a Non-Executive Director, and is considerably more flexible.

Objectives of the mentoring programme

The key objectives of the Business Mentoring Programme are to support these areas of your business, and your performance as a business leader:

A key part of the programme is helping you to develop into a more effective and confident business leader. By being able to discuss issues in detail, better quality decisions will inevitably follow.

Setting a clear growth strategy for your business to drive long term profitability and financial strength. Without a clear plan, many businesses simply drift along from year to year. This process can also include ultimate exit planning, if appropriate.

What is ‘good’ or ‘bad’ performance? Without clear benchmarks to define success, it is impossible to say. Properly formatted management accounts, budgets, rolling forecasts, and KPIs all need to be put in place and regularly reviewed.

Building a happy and productive team, with the right incentives in place, will greatly reduce your stress and dramatically improve the performance of your business. A key indicator of how well you are doing is your staff turnover - it is possible to get this to almost zero.

Unfortunately most businesses face problems on a regular basis. Having an independent assessment of the situation and impartial advice can be of great help, and this support is available at any time.

Assistance in fundraising, whether through banks or a series of Business Angel investment rounds. Help with Business Angel funding includes valuing the business, working out how much to raise, introduction to several networks, and coaching in how to pitch/present.

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"Simon started mentoring our business last year. Since then we have grown by over 30%. That might have been a coincidence but I doubt it! He is incredibly financially astute and very quickly was able to cut through all the clutter and help get our Growth Plan implemented. All too often people in business come from theory without practice. Simon has ‘been there and done it!’ His ideas and strategies were sound and implementable. Simon has made a huge difference to our business and I would certainly recommend him without qualification.

Niamh Barker, Owner
The Travelwrap Company Ltd.